Add extra light to your home with bifold doors

Bifolding Door Product Range

No other door comes close to the incredible abilities of bifold doors when it comes to adding extra light to your property. With autumn upon us and winter fast approaching, nights are beginning to get longer and this makes maximising natural light in your home all the more important.

What is a bifold door and how does it work?

To fully understand the natural light benefits that bifold doors offer a home, it’s good to completely understand how they function.

Bifold doors are similar to patio doors in their aesthetic. They have a huge glazed area with slim sightlines and are arranged in pairs which are usually mounted on steel tracks with rollers. The doors slide along these tracks and can be folded open, a panel a time, allowing you to open up as much or as little of a room as you require to the outside.

Their revolutionary opening action and ultra-modern aesthetic has made them a favourite with home improvement experts, and with property experts across the home improvement industry; including Kevin McCloud from ‘Grand Designs’ and Phil Spencer.

Their blossoming popularity is also due to another key benefit that bifold doors provide: large amounts of natural light transmission.

Get extra natural light in your home with bifold doors

It’s no surprise then that bifold doors are often known as ‘window walls’, thanks to the huge amount of natural light that they let into a property. The incredibly slim sightlines of bifold doors (like those we offer here at In2Serve) mean that natural light can reach into your home in much larger amounts than conventional types of window and glazed door.

This makes them the perfect type of door to choose when it comes to adding extra natural light to your property. More natural light can make rooms seem bigger and can improve the emotional well-being of your family.

High performance bifold doors from In2Serve

Here at In2Serve we offer a wide variety of high quality bifold doors for you to choose from when it comes to bifold doors than can increase the amount of natural light in your home.

We offer easy maintenance uPVC bifolds, as well as ultra-sleek aluminium bifolds so that you can find the perfect door for your home. All of our bifolds also utilise high performance double glazing and slim sightlines so that thermal insulation and natural light transmission is completely optimised.

Find out more bout our high performance bifold doors by requesting a free quote, or by giving us a call on 0333 323 1131. We hope to hear from you soon.

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