Bifold Doors

Transform your living space with modern bi-fold doors

The bi-fold door has become the must-have home improvement product for homeowners who wish to extend their available living space and create a sense of a modern, open plan property. With their unique folding design, bi-folding doors are able to completely open up your house to the outdoors, and seamlessly connect your indoor and outdoor living spaces. During the summer, they can provide your home with amazing levels of natural light and ventilation, whilst in the winter their secure folding design effectively seals and insulates your home against cold, adverse weather conditions. Our bi-fold doors are available in a number of panel options, and our expert surveyors can advise you on the best option to fit your home.

High performance uPVC bi-fold doors

With the ability to create a large aperture in your home and fold down into a small internal space, uPVC bi-folds from In2Serve offer you an attractive, practical and cost effective folding door solution. They feature high performance gearing, and glide along a bottom mounted running track which ensures a consistent high level of performance, providing you with a folding door system which is effortless to use all year round. With a modern uPVC chamber design and double glazing as standard, they also offer you excellent levels of heat retention to help save money on your home.

Our uPVC bi-fold doors are also versatile, being suitable for installation in your home, conservatory or extension, and are available in a range of colours to suit your home, including classic white as well as various wood effect colours.

Beautifully sleek aluminium bi-fold doors

Providing you with all the benefits of our uPVC bi-folding door models – smooth operation, connecting your indoor and outdoor living spaces – our aluminium bi-fold doors have the added advantage of greater structural rigidity and further enhanced aesthetics. Because of aluminium’s comparatively greater strength, bi-fold doors can be made with slimmer profiles, allowing for a larger glass area – offering improved sightlines, allowing in more light, and having a higher potential for solar gain. With the option for either 24 or 36mm glazing and a profile which incorporates thermal break technology, our aluminium bi-fold doors are energy efficient, as well as attractive. They are available in a huge range of colours, with the option to have alternate indoor and outdoor colours so that you’re able to match both your home’s interior and exterior appearances