In2serve delivers the goods with a Whitley Bay bathroom

In2serve recently completed the renovation of a bespoke bathroom set up in Whitley Bay, completing a project for Mrs. Hallam that had originally started 20 years ago as a DIY project. For the customer building estimates and attitudes ranged from “No Way!” to “I can do that, It’s no problem”. It was soon agreed that In2Serve was the only option for both product and service.


The job itself ended up being a massive undertaking, requiring a team of plumbers, plasterers, joiners and painters to perform such task as laying new waste pipes, raising floors and dropping ceilings. In2Serve’s highly skilled team, was more then up to the challenge!


A home extension that was long overdue

Originally started by her husband some 20 years ago who sadly passed away sometime last year, Mrs. Hallam felt it was time to finish her ambitious home project. We took the time to guide her through the work schedule, sending a surveyor who could accurately quote her a reasonable estimate. Before we knew it, the work was agreed and the date was set.


With it being such a big job, In2Serve sent out a fairly big team. Despite this, our team were careful to always remain courteous within Mrs. Hallam’s home and always respected the property both inside and out.


A high quality bathroom designed to the customer’s needs

When installing any bathroom, we recognise that style is just as important as function. Mrs. Hallam yearned for a 21st century bathroom with tiles walls, that resulted in a sleek finish. Our 35 years’ experience installing both kitchens and bathrooms, placed us in a good position to provide the customer with a multi-functioning bathroom that included units as well as sanitaryware.


Soon into the project we noticed that Mrs. Hallam became understandably quite emotional. As such we took the decision to delay the work until she felt ready, suggesting a 2 week break which would hopefully give her time to gather the thoughts and memories of her late husband.


In2Serve were more than understanding of her situation, listening to the customer on a personal level as well as planning out her home improvement needs. When we say we strive for ultimate customer satisfaction we mean it!


In2Serve are always there to lend a helping hand

After the project’s completion Mrs. Hallam stated:

“In2Serve met my needs and gave me the confidence to see the work completed, thank you very much for the help”.


Mrs. Hallam’s longer overdue bathroom installation is just one example of a homeowner who has been pleased with our work, appreciating not only the end result but our bespoke and personal service also.


If you want to benefit from the same service as Mrs. Hallam, at In2Serve we offer a wide range of various home improvement products and services sure to truly make your house a home. Call us on 0333 323 1131 or contact us online.

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