New year, new start, new windows!

So it’s that time of year again, when new beginnings are commonplace and winter is most definitely setting in. You’ve garnered new resolutions, a new waistline and quite possibly a new gym membership, but have you considered new windows to welcome you home this 2016?

At In2Serve, we have a whole range of window colours, styles and options which can be specifically tailored to ensure your home doesn’t get left behind this new year.


A huge range of windows available

No matter what type of property you live in: period or modern, our extensive range of window styles ensures that we are well equipped to supply you with high quality double glazed uPVC windows which have the ability to suit any home or property.

“But why are new windows so essential?” we here you ask. Well believe it or not replacing your old windows can provide many benefits. Our high performance windows will give you a warmer, more comfortable and more affordable style of living this new year, giving you the tools to truly make your house a home.


Casement windows

Flush Sash Casement Windows

White uPVC casement windows

A popular choice amongst the British homeowner, casement windows are a versatile yet reliable choice for any home that can incorporate various beneficial features such as run-through sash horns, specialist glazing options and arched head inserts.

A casement window supplied by In2Serve can help to ensure your peace of mind, achieving a PAS 24 rating for security and substantial locking hardware for improved safety levels. Our choice of coloured uPVC casement window frames still allows your home’s aesthetic to maintain its character whilst also adding a sense of individuality.


Sliding sash windows

White uPVC sash windows

White uPVC sash windows

Sliding sash windows help to add a touch of elegance to your property, having the ability to replicate the traditional visuals of a period property. No longer being susceptible to rot, cracking or low insulation, our modern uPVC sash windows bring the luxury of their original timber incarnations without any of the trouble or worry.

Our modern uPVC sliding sash windows ensure that this popular window style is as low-maintenance as possible, being simple to clean and weather-proof which now abolishes any past flaws their original design had. A traditional look, without any of the hassle.


Tilt and turn windows

white uPVC tilt and turn windows

white uPVC tilt and turn windows

Providing increased control over security and ventilation, a tilt and turn window system helps to give your home an established look whilst featuring a convenient dual functionality. They are unique in the sense that they allow the option for the window to tilt both inwards as well as being opened fully in the traditional manner.

Our tilt and turn windows also provide deliberately slim sightlines and concealed gearing to ensure that you never have to compromise aesthetics for the added function this type of window style adds. Cleaning your windows has never been easier either, as tilting your window eliminates the need to clean frames from the exterior of your home.


High quality windows supplied by In2Serve

At In2Serve we have over 35 years’ industry experience installing uPVC windows, meaning that we are well equipped to start your new year off right with a new casement, sash or tilt and turn window. We strive to offer unparalleled customer service within the North East area, from the beginning of a project to our extensive after care service. Contact us for a quote today, we’re dedicated to meeting all of your uPVC needs.

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