What does a good window look like?

When deciding which window style to install into your house, it’s important to consider a design that adds to your home’s existing character and aesthetic as well as it’s comfortability. Thanks to modern advancements made in window technology, it’s nearly impossible to select a window that doesn’t provide adequate heat insulation, thermal retention and energy efficiency. This leaves the window’s aesthetic, being the last major factor homeowners should be concerned about!


Warm & weatherproof, attractive & sleek


Casement windows such as those offered by In2Serve, have remained the UK’s most popular window style for almost 30 years, often being considered the most versatile choice design-wise. Manufactured in a plethora of different materials, casement windows always offer a smooth appearance that always remains suitable for all homes – both modern and traditional.


Typically being supplied in white, hundreds of various colours can be applied to any casement window, should you choose it. Whether that’s via powder coating (aluminium) or traditional acrylic (uPVC) for the desired amount of customisability, it’s never a problem to gain a great looking window that more than fits in with your home’s current aesthetic.


Features to ensure your casement windows look stunning:


  • Both chamfered and sculptured window designs available
  • Slim sightlines for immaculate aesthetics and panoramic views
  • Provides a blank canvas that can be further customised
  • Versatile style that suits any homeowners’ property
  • Additional window hardware for enhanced heritage aesthetics possible
  • Tidy window framing for that neat and clean look


The most popular window style for British homeowners


Casement windows haven’t remained the UK’s most popular choice of window thanks to affordability alone, rather because they can be largely moulded to achieve whatever style homeowners desire. Every house has its own unique personality, so it’s important that your newly installed windows reflect as such. Opting for casement windows, ensures this is the case!


In2serve: The North East’s premier window installer


In2serve have over 35 years’ experience in the home improvement industry, serving the people of Newcastle, Sunderland and Northumberland with high quality casement windows within that time. Modern windows make it so that no homeowner never needs to be left out in the cold, In2serve wants to ensure that this is no longer the case. For more information regarding any of our double glazing products call us on 0333 323 1131 or contact us online.


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