Bay and Bow windows

A combination of three or more casement windows which uniquely protrude from your home, bay and bow windows allow more light into the desired room whilst also giving the appearance of extra storage or living space.

Although both styles look alike, the difference comes down to the number of window panels. Whereas bay windows are typically made up of three to create a firm look, a bow usually has four or more creating a bowed shape, hence the name.

Energy efficient and extended living space

Joined from the arch to form either a bay or more rounded bow, both window styles are successful in offering your room to extra living space whilst also remaining highly energy efficient thanks to standard double glazing. No matter which room of your house you wish to extend, our uPVC bay or bow windows allow you to make the most of any room.

All of our window designs and styles are highly secure to ensure that you benefit form desired warmth and optimal security for peace of mind. Reinforced with galvanised steel, our windows conform to British Standards for both strength and durability being fully compliant with the latest building regulation stipulations. Our bay and bow windows are no different.

Elegant design with panoramic views

No matter if you opt for bay (three glass panels) or bow (four or more glass panels) windows, you can always be assured that maximum mounts of light are being allowed to enter your home. More panels simply means more light, simultaneously offering panoramic views to the outside which truly lets nature enter your home.

Bay and bow windows frequently act as the centre piece to anyone’s home, treating everyone’s eye to the elegant and sophisticated beauty they have to offer. A bay or bow window installed by In2Serve can instantly add a sense of character to any property, modern or otherwise.

They can also be made to look exactly the way you want so not to disturb your homes current aesthetic. We offer a wide range of colouring options, giving you the tools to be truly creative when replacing your windows. From wood-effect variants to traditional solid shades, any colour can be applied to your new bay or bow window.

Features of bay and bow windows from In2Serve

  • Double glazed as standard for high thermal efficiency
  • Increased living space and panoramic views
  • Low maintenance and easy-to-clean
  • Multiple casements to achieved desired light and ventilation
  • Wide range of colouring options
  • Suitable for both traditional and modern homes

Experienced team of bay and bow window installers

In2Serve have over 35 years’ experience carrying out various home improvements within the North East area. We always ensure that all of our products are installed to the highest of standards to ensure optimal customer satisfaction. All of our window options including either bay or bow can be customised to however you desire.

Whether you live in Newcastle, Sunderland, Northumberland or Durham, we are dedicated to providing you with elegant and durable bay and bow windows that will always meet your needs, guiding you through the whole improvement process. Contact us today for a quote!