Casement Windows

High quality casement windows for all homes

Casement windows are the most popular style of windows for the vast majority of homeowners, and for good reason. They can be installed in virtually any home, and with a variety of window light and opening options they suit all installation spaces.

Casement windows supplied by In2Serve can be installed to offer either top or side hung opening, and provide you with classical, timeless aesthetics to instantly improve the look and feel of your home. Whether you live in a modern or traditional home, our casement windows are the perfect choice for you, and can offer a number of unique benefits.

Warm & weatherproof casement windows

Casement windows supplied by In2Serve offer you the best of both worlds – keeping the bad weather outside, whilst also keeping your home warm in the inside. Our casements have been designed with secondary weather seals on the beading for improved weather performance, and have achieved a BS6375 rating for wind and water testing. This means that they have been certified to withstand adverse weather classified as ‘severe’, giving you assurance that your windows will be highly durable. The windows can also achieve a WER (Window Energy Rating) of ‘A’ – the highest rating available on a scale from A – G, with ‘A’ being the most efficient. Thanks to thick double glazing and an advanced chamber design, they will help to keep your home warm in the Winter.

Attractive aesthetics & colours

We can offer both chamfered and sculptured profile window designs for smooth appearance suitable for all homes – both modern and traditional. Our choice of styles can fit in with your existing doors and windows, and we can also offer our casement windows in a range of colours (including wood effect) to suit your exact personal taste. Slim sightlines means that our casement windows feature large areas of glass for high levels of natural light, and a sleek attractive appearance. Not only do our casement windows provide you with an efficient, and secure window, but one which is attractive.

Secure windows

In2Serve casement windows have been designed to provide you with peace of mind that your home is secure. Our windows feature internal beading, avoiding the possibility that the glass can be removed from the outside by potential intruders. Internally beaded windows significantly reduce the risk that your home might be broken into, and are recommended by the Metropolitan Police Service as a more secure alternative to externally beaded windows. Our casement windows have achieved a PAS 24 rating for security, satisfying levels set by British standards for secure windows, and all of our window hardware is screwed in for improved security levels.